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Qingdao Zhongyang Fire Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, production, sales and service of high-tech fire-fighting of industrial fire, and absorbs scientific research institutions and returnees talent technology shares, and integrates and integrates resources to manage and operate by professional professional managers to improve national fire industry Competitiveness, to provide customers with safety responsibility, willing to work with all the fire industry to carry out the most extensive cooperation.
Through the company's scientific and technological personnel to research, well-designed, optimized formula and manufacturing process, the independent development of the latest series of linear temperature fire detectors meet GB16280-2005 national latest standards and No. 1 revision requirements, has passed the national fire electronic product quality Supervision and inspection center of the whole type of inspection.
Zhongyang fire research and development of fire products have a series of linear temperature fire detectors, fire alarm control devices, sound and light alarm and other alarm control equipment, ultra-fine powder series fire extinguishing device, synthetic foam fire extinguishing device, and aerosol fire extinguishing system and automatic Water spray, water spray fire extinguishing system, as a dedicated fire extinguishing system, automatic water spray fire extinguishing system and cable tunnel automatic water spray fire extinguishing system has been widely used in power, steel, petrochemical, transportation, ship, wine, tobacco industry Of the national key projects, but also can be used in oil tankers, chemical storage tanks, large-scale storage equipment, fire protection.
Zhongyang fire special attention to the application of high-tech fire technology industry, with advanced production and testing equipment as the backing to scientific research institutions based on high-tech, professional and technical personnel through sincere dedication to a high sense of responsibility and ownership, for the majority of customers Provide thoughtful and intimate security services.